Top-Down – Macro Economy View

  • Analyze the global and China’s macro economies and financial markets to formulate top-down views
  • Identify the sectors which affected most from new evolvement of the dynamic economy



  • Business Model Study: companies with high barrier entry, high competitiveness, strong financial balance sheets, and high growth
  • On-site Visits: due diligence on management team, company financials, value chain and competitive advantages etc.
  • Valuation: identify the company’s fair value
  • Monitor and adjust the portfolio timely

Risk Control

Proper diversification, credit risk and liquidity risk management

Investment Strategies

Value Approach

  • The Manager believes securites have inherent fair values, the price will converge towards its inherent value in the long term. 
  • Reward/ Risk ratio

Volatility create short term opportunities

  • Business cycle and policy interrupt creates big opportunities.
  • Liquidity and fund flow
  • Securities prices always mispriced due to market noise
Business man